Greatest Christian Movies of All Time

Best Christian movies you need to watch

30-10-22 | Author Webdeveloper

Christian movies have become extremely popular in recent years. While many of their plots tend to follow a certain formula, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the storylines and the beautiful cinematography that comes with these films. These films are often uplifting and inspiring, making them great for watching when you need a bit of an emotional pick-me-up. However, there are also some Christian movies that aren’t quite as wholesome as they seem… There are plenty of substandard Christian films out there that exist purely to appeal to the sensibilities of those who frequent smaller Evangelical screenings. But what if you’re not one of those people? This article take a look at 3 Christian movies you shouldn't miss!

    The Case for Christ

The film tells the story of personal journey of failed-journalist-turned-successful-researcher, Lee Strobel, as he tries to disprove the existence of God. Throughout the film, we see Strobel interview various religious scholars and scientists in an attempt to disprove the existence of God. It culminates in the famous “swim up the Hudson River” scene in which he attempts to disprove Jesus’ resurrection. This movie is great if you’re looking for a wholesome film that’s a bit lighter on the Evangelical messaging.

The Case for Christ is a great film for those who are curious about religion but are unsure how to approach it. It’s light-hearted enough that it won’t feel overwhelming, but heavy enough that you’ll get a good sense of what Evangelical Christianity is all about. It’s also a great film for those who are curious about Christianity and want to know more but don’t know where to begin.

    God’s Not Dead 2

Second version of the film is the follow up to the original God’s Not Dead, which sees a group of Evangelical Christians being persecuted by a university professor who believes that God is dead. God’s Not Dead 2 features many of the same characters, but sees them fighting against the government after they’re arrested for protesting against a Muslim group building a mosque in their town. This movie is great if you’re looking for a Christian film that’s a bit more dramatic and heavy-handed than The Case for Christ.

God’s Not Dead 2 is a great film if you want something that’s a bit more in your face. It’s pretty blatant in the way it tells its audience that God is real and that Christianity is the only way to go. It’s also a great film if you want to see a bunch of people standing up for their beliefs and fighting for what they believe in.

    Can Only Imagine

This film follows the story of Bart Millard, one of the founding members of the band MercyMe, as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his father and the strained relationship he has with his mother. This film is great if you want something that’s a bit more serious and introspective than God’s Not Dead 2.

I Can Only Imagine is a beautiful film that’s both uplifting and heartbreaking. It’s a great film if you want to see something that’s less in your face than God’s Not Dead 2 and is less about fighting for what you believe in and more about letting go of the past. This film is also perfect if you’re looking for a film that explores Christianity in a more subtle way. It’s a great film if you’re not sure if Christianity is right for you but want a better understanding of it.